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cold air sensation only in one nostril. need help, anxiety going crazy.

This has only been noticeable the past few days. I had a really really stressful time a week ago and ended up having a giant panic attack. leaving me with REAAAAAAAALLLLY bad health anxiety about this disease I heard you can get from a septoplasty. This isn’t my first time having health anxiety about it. I got the surgery two years ago and since then anytime my anxiety is extreme, i start to think of that disease I heard of before i got my surgery. Since then i’ve been hyper focused on how my nose feels. At first I was feeling Chest tightness/ Short Of Breathe which I knew was anxiety from panicking. but after I was crying for a really long time a few days ago (2+ hours) I’ve noticed on the left side of my face (which is where my deviated septum is pointed towards.) that i feel pressure and ear pressure etc on that side. Which then i noticed a  annoying slightly cold air feeling when breathing in. Now i usually only notice it when i’m hyper focused on it and there’s rare occasion where i’ve been distracted recently and didn’t notice it at all. Why does the air feel slightly cold only on my left side? is it because my deviated septum is visibly crooked there? (you can see my septum on the inside of my left nostril) and the hole to breathe in is smaller? or is it the allergies/small sinus infection? or could it even be really bad Anxiety making me feel this way? Any response is greatly appreciated. Or if somebody else has had this as well that would be great. It makes me think it’s something with my deviated septum because if you push my nose up like a pig nose you can see my septum on the left side, it’s visibly crooked.
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Most humans have some deviation there, and anyone who has played a contact sport has one.  I got mine from playing basketball and getting a lot of elbows.  Most of us don't notice anything from having one.  You apparently didn't either until a few days ago, so it's unlikely to be from that.  In life we have a lot of sensations.  Right now is fall, ragweed season.  Maybe it's that.  Maybe you ate too much wheat or dairy or other foods that are known to cause a lot of allergy problems in a lot of folks.  Who knows?  If you're breathing fine, give it some time and relax and if it goes away, it's gone.  Sinus infections wouldn't cause that, and they virtually always go away on their own.  You probably don't have one.  Anxiety can cause tons of sensations, but mostly they cause us to focus on things we would ignore otherwise.  Whatever you do about your nose, the anxiety is a bigger problem, so get to work fixing that.  Are you in therapy with a psychologist who specializes in treating anxiety?  If not, time to do that.
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I’ve had this same feeling before. air being slightly colder on the left nostril. two times actually. and both times were when I was having health anxiety about the septoplasty I had two years ago and the disease that I heard about before the surgery.  I will start researching about the symptoms and etc etc. I don’t have any idea how I get this symptom only in my left nostril every time I start having really bad panic attacks/anxiety. Maybe it’s not even colder it just feels so enhanced because I heard of someone having that disease only in one nostril. I don’t know. All I know is it’s so tiring. Dealing with this Health Anxiety it’s so debilitating. I wish there was a medicine I could take that was a overnight fix. It’s been like this for a week now, the anxiety. and i’ve had a day or two where my anxiety is lessened a lot. But today and yesterday has been where’s it’s been bad because that’s when I started focusing on the “cold” feeling. I just wish I could somehow get my brain to accept it. or understand why i’m having these wide range of emotions.
and i’ve always had a deviated septum ever since i could remember. I always knew I had one. And i’ve always noticed it.
sorry, i miss read the deviated septum part.
I earned mine, but again, other than making one nostril more likely to get plugged when I get allergies, it's not something I concern myself with.  One way to minimize your health anxiety is to stay off the Google machine.  You can't really diagnose yourself, and the same symptoms can be a sign of thousands of diseases or not disease at all.  Google is good after you see a health professional and wonder if the treatment plan makes sense, but not to make your own diagnosis.  Not Googling every time you feel a small problem will tamp down the anxiety.  But to fix it, again, best place to start is with therapy.  Good luck.
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