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constant pain in thoat, neck, jaw, ears, seriose photophobia, anxiety,confusion

In january 06 I had a bad flu/cold then two cases of potentially strep in a row. i took antiboitic for the first one I didnt finish them, took more when it reoccured. it seemed to clear up. But following this i was looking in my throat with a laser to see that it still looked infected . I flashed it too much in my eyes and i had what seemed to be a first of a string of panic attacks. Then following this i had neasea vision probs photophobia and strange headaches.The panic attacks didnt stop still to this day. and photophbia is so bad it makes me neaseas.I lost 15 pounds and its a strugle to eat.over the last year the neasea and headaches have seemed to go but now i still have a sore throat on right side a stabbing pain sometimes.I have a irregularly fast heart beat im on proponolol for. bad photophobia, and pain in my neck, jaw and back i cant even move my head or breath in without pain and cracking constantly all day in my spine. it also seems like i have an ear infection, but my doc sees nothing in my ears or throat. we did a swab last week i have strep again. took penicillin.im sneezing constanly aswell but my nose wont run. i have a cardiologist appoint coming up but i think is something else. like neurological or in my neck or spine maybe throat cancer. Whats wrong with me why cant i see the same anymore and feel like ive been run over by a truck for the last year.And the cracking is the most unconfortable part its moved down my neck  to my back and my back is acheing.Ive been taking clonazepam since feb but still panic and get bouts of confusion where i cant speak.
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now when i blow my nose blood is coming out.
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Have you had your thyroid checked. Panic attacks, weight loss, heart palpitations and pain in the lower throat area may be hyperthyroidism or goiter. Maybe have it checked at your next DR. visit.
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yes she checked my thyroid.

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I had bronchitis last year jan 06. which put in a panic. I had never had it before and it triggered off an anxiety attack. I finally got better and the anxiety went away. I got another case of bronchitis in Oct 06 and it triggered anxiety again. I have been going to a therapist and it really has helped me. I do know that anxiety makes EVERYTHING seem worse and brings on many symptoms. I literally thought I was dying. I too wouldn't eat and lost 20 lbs.  It really took a toll on me. I'm 39 and will be having my thyroid and hormones checked to see what is going on.
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Did you ever find out what was wrong with you ???
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i'm curious too...
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