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cracking in ears EVERYTIME i swallow

every time i swallow i get cracking in my ears. is this normal? this started about 6 years ago and i eventually just got used to it and thought it was normal but when i asked everyone in my family about it, none of them knew what im talking about. it kinda sounds like when you open up a new book and the binding like sounds like tape is coming off or a sticky substance being moved apart. also i dont know if i have tinitus because i do have a high pitched noise in my ear but i dont know if it's just from quietness like the buzz you get when it's really quiet cuz i never really notice it unless i actually think about it. and then also some1 suggested if you take your finger and rub it around the outside of the hold of your ear i reduces the noise which i found works cuz i guess it distracts you. about 1 year ago i went through vertigo twice(kinda like a floating sensation and dizziness) and immediately my hearing went down. my hearing has been going down every since and my ears feel full. I have to "crack or pop" them with my jaw and swallowing about at least 3 times EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THE DAY(NO exageration). i've heard the cracking is normal and is the sign the eustacian tubes are working but i dont think mine is normal cuz im starting to really not be able to hear now and i don't want it to get any worse than it already is. i even get pain now right in front of my outer ear kinda near my pressure point . PLEASE some1 help me. im trying to tell my parents to sent me to a ENT but their taking too long. I dont even think i can POP my ears anymore cuz it doesn't even help and gets sooooo bad when i have a cold that it lasts for about 4 weeks afterwards where im almost DEAF.????
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Have you been you to a doctor? That could be associated with the inner ear. I would sugget going to the ENT immediately. If your parents won't send you to one, be so stubborn about it that they have to send you to one.
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I think I may have had this same thing a few nights ago. I woke up with my ears feeling like they were full, or like I have had on  a airplane or high altitude. Then when I tried  "squeezeing " my ears, I heard the cracking sound and this lasted until I finally went to sleep. When I woke that sound was gone, but my ears did feel like when you have a cold in them. I haven't heard it since. It was very scarry though.
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Get to your doctor, or go in to the emergency and tell them your symptoms. all kinds of reasons could be causing this.
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Its ok, I am only 13 and I have had this since I was 12. My doctor said this was fine and no you are not going deaf. It is just a result of a down tube. This can happen when your very little or mid aged. As you get older you tubes will flatten out. And when you hear the buzz or ringing noise your ears are just trying to even out the sound in your ears. If this really starts to become a problem for you, there are ways to drain out your ears. This can be very short and not very painful. I have the same thing and this is very normal for me. love mariah.
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I'm a 40yr female. My ears have been popping and cracking when I yawn and swallow (everytime) since I was very young. In my adolescents I noticed it much more then now. I remember a time when I was about 6 that I may have damaged my eardrums...long story
Anyway, I had lots of earaches as a child and had pressure and sinus issues as an adult. I don't think the popping is a health concern...I just think it can be very irritating if you let it be...and if you focus on it (as I did as a teen) it will feel like its driving you crazy. You have to calm down and realize that its OK/normal that this is happening You're mi d is focusing on it because you have anxiety about it being a health concern. Not all bodies work the same. You can't let your mind gets so caught up. I don't ever notice anymore, unless I focus on it. If you are in real physical pain also
..then see an Ent. Hope this helps!! I remember how frustrating in was!
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