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while leaving work last thursday, I got a pressure in my ears, slight ringing and began to feel sort of woozie. I ended up going to the ER late that night as I could not sleep due to feeling sort of dizzy and nauseated. It did not feel as if the room was spinning like people generally define vertigo. also the ER doctor stated that he did not think it was vertigo that i was experiencing, he diagnosed me with otitis media and gave me an antibiotic. however, i stopped taking to antibiotic due to increased anxiety which has subsided since stopping the antibiotic, although i am not positive that the anxiety was caused by the antibiotic, i am still not taking it. i saw my gp, and he advised that i discontinue the antibiotic as well, and told me to just wait it out and see what happens. this is the fifth day, and i am still feeling mild to moderate dizziness that gets worse at night, and is barely noticeable first thing in the morning. i have ear pain, pressure and tinnitus off and on, but the dizziness and nausea are continual. I've been struggling very badly, and having severe anxiety (dizziness is an anxiety trigger for me) and at times verge on full blown panic attack. also the pain and pressure is in both ears. has anyone else had this? does this sound like otitis media? or could it be labyrinthitis?
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You can never get rid of the ear problem until you learn to relax, being anxious tightens the head and neck muscles which prevents the Eustachan tubes from opening to drain the fluid.  I find yoga and mediation to help.
   I once knew a guy called sniffles who went around sucking up his nose, we made fun of him but now I find that helps clear my ears; the fast air and moisture going past the Eustachian tubes draws the fluid of the middle ear.
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