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I have recurring dizziness.  I am particularly curious about allergies, as I have addressed all other possible causes that I am aware of.  Episodes started at about one month apart, but very severe (repeated vomiting); now more mild but every ten days or so.  Symptomes do not match Mayo Clinic definition of Meniere's.  Again, most curious about possible allergies.  Thanks.   Earl
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Allergies, alone, wouldn't explain dizziness and vomiting.  Allergies could affect the inner ear and cause an out-of-balance feeling, similar to what people experience during an episode of motion sickness.  There's no allergy that I'm aware of that would directly cause dizziness/vomiting.

You mentioned Meniere's disease, but vertigo isn't always Meniere's.  Vertigo is more subject to the coming and going that you describe than most other problems that cause dizziness/vomiting: https://www.webmd.com/brain/vertigo-symptoms-causes-treatment#1  My mom has vertigo - it happens to her just every once in a while, and they haven't been able to find a specific cause.

Is there a reason you suspect allergies?
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Thank you for your kind response.  My curiosity about a possible allergic connection comes from comments on forums on the internet.   I suppose it reflects the desperate search for answers that one pursues when the condition is severe or chronic.   It is truly taking a large part of life away from me.  Thanks again.   Earl
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