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dizzy/ headaches/ weakness

hello, recently my head has felt HORRIBLE- i can't focus on anything, my brain simply cannot think, i have reoccuring headaches, dizziness, it literally feels as if i'm walking through a dream- everything is so surreal. i've had 'attacks' of this before- lasting a few hours or days at a time, but this is the first time its just kept going and going... few weeks now. my forehead/ nose also feel congested and ears feel blocked off and on, so i'm considering an ENT specialist since i have already seen an audiologist and got the all-clear. my doctor is sending me to a neurologist.

my upper back and base of head hurts terribly- feels strained, i can literally feel the muscles pulling (i have generally bad posture, my osteopath says) so i'm wondering if all that crazy head stuff is related to my neck/ back, or if its my sinuses/ ear infection. i did go to the audiologist BEFORE the worst of the symptoms started so perhaps we missed the diagnosis.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as i simply can NOT live like this, its horrible
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oh and i also feel really weak and shaky when walking around, or even just sitting here. i have NO energy- always wanting a nap.

my blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc are fine, tested them million times (i'm a nurse)
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No imaging done of your neck/head/brain?  MRIs/CTs?

I would follow up with the Neurologist and an ENT Specialist.
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Do you any depressive illness along with these symptoms?

As your audiological status is good there are remote chances of this condition being an ENT problem. Regarding your headache and dizziness, it may be a case of Migraine with aura. Also an individual with migraine can experience nasal block and congestion during an attack.

You do have a neck pain with pulling of the muscles, which means you have cervical spondylosis also, this might be another cause for your giddiness.

Till the time you consult your doctor try the following.


Apply pain reliving gel over the neck and do gentle massage for few minutes.

Any more doubts you are welcome.

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i'm a twenty two year old male and i have some of the same symptoms, it hasn't gotten to the point of being more than two days long, but the same sureal feeling like your not in reality has been off and on happening to me for the past few months now and i haven't gone a full day feeling normal for about two months, i have the same problem with my ears too.  tho the doc says my blood is fine, a health genius guy that i work with says my blood is weak, and he's helping me strenthen my blood and he insists that the ear problem has to do with having a poor digestive system,  i've become healthy as a horse now and tho the episodes have become shorter, i still have the problem!   now my theory is that the cause is having too much cell phone radiation in my body. and being around certain electronics significantly enhaces the symtoms. are you always using a cell phone? are you on the computer a lot? do you smoke or are you around smoking often?  another thing is i realized that my  episodes didn't start untill after i started smoking tobbaco and being around it, it got really bad when i started sleeping over at my ex girlfriends house, and she would always smoke next to me and her house was full of it all the time, and we would always sleep next to our cell phones. i would leave it on for the alarm in the morning. she would leave her computer on next to us all the time. and at work i'm constantly around electronics and noise, its a grocery store.  

... my suggestion is spend a lot less time around your cell phone and electronics, ( certain cell phones have more radiation output than others, there's a web site  that lets you know that info just google it, i'm currently finding a less harmfull phone myself)/ get fresh air more, get more sun exposure, be around plants more( some plants absorb radiation), get some vitamin c and d in your system and eat things that build blood.   i know you probly know ppl that are like glued to their cell phone and electronics and nothings wrong with them, but some pple are just more sensative to it than others, i know i am, and like i said different phones have different radiation levels
i wish you the best of luck i know how terrible it is! its just about driven me truly insane
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