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ear blockage with tubes

i know im not supposed to put anything in my sons ears when he has tubes in. My son is amlost two and has had tubes in for almost a year. latley we have been going in for ear infections in his left ear they dont stay away and the doctor cant see if there is a tube in there because of all the wax build up they gave me drops to put in his ear but they make his ears pop and im not sure that im suposed to be putting them in his ear if there is still a tube in there.

Q: What am i supposed to do when ear wax blockage is causing ear aches and they have tubes?
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I recommend contacting the dr. who had the tubes inserted.  I had tubes twice as a child due to frequent ear infections.  To my knowledge, their purpose is to widen the ear canals to promote good drainage from the ears.  So I would surmise at this point, either the tube on the left has worked its way out or is no longer fulfilling its designed purpose.

I had a situation once when I had my tubes the 2nd time.  I fell in the pool and got my ears wet, which was a no-no.  I think it may have been after this I got an ear infection and the dr. who had put in my tubes- every time I saw him, he'd look in my ears and say "Beautiful, beatiful" but when one of my ears was hurting so bad and blood was trickling from it, a different dr. said they didn't know how that dr. could say that with all the wax in that one ear.  They treated the infection first, then had the wax vacuumed out of my ear, which I recall was VERY noisy.

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