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ear blockage

i have a slight loss of hearing in my right ear which is just recent.I had a large build up of wax in it and tryed to remove it with buds but it is still the same.I am using ear medicine to remove it but it does not seem to be working
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See your doctor. Don't stick ANYTHING in your ear trying to remove wax--it will just push it further in. Don't stick anything in your ear, ever, for any reason!

You can try earwax drops (carbamide peroxide). Put them in and lie on your side for five minutes, then repeat on other side. Do this morning and evening for two or three days, then get in the shower and use the soft bulb that comes in the earwax-removal kits and squirt water (as warm as you can stand it) into your ear canal to wash it all out (don't put the bulb tip IN your ear--hold it just outside and squeeze hard to get good pressure).

The drops may make your ears even more plugged until you clean them out with the bulb. But they do help.

If you are totally blocked it's better to see your doctor. They can get the wax out for you, and you'll be so happy! Things will seem so loud, you'll scare yourself flushing the toilet for a day or two. :)

Nancy T., world's biggest producer of earwax!

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