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ear pain

i have earpain , but lightly
my doc said its becuase of swllen in my nose and gave m a steriod spray
but also he bag under my right eye is a lot darker than the other side.....
i also have slight headache on that side and feel a bit drowsy
can this all have to do with the swellen inside my nose?
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Did you injure your nose, or is it swollen perhaps because of allergies or congestion? I ask because the dark circle under you eye can be from trauma or can be from allergies. They are called allergic shiners. If the swelling is putting pressure inside your nose it can give you a headache and/or earache. What nasal spray did he give you?

But to answer you question, yes your symptoms can be because of the swelling in your nose.
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no injury, doc said said its allergy or hayfever, i do have a cat though and wondering if it the problem?
he gave me flixonase
i dont wanne be stuck with dark circles forever...
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Flonase is for allergies so it should help but if it continues I would go get tested for allergies. It only takes a few hours and most of the time you'll know what you are allergic to right then and there. If its your cat then, they'll give you whatever medication to help and try to keep your cat away from where you sleep in the meantime. I have a dog and I know that's hard but that is supposed to be helpful.

Good luck!
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