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ear pus

my 1 year old daughter has some sort of a mucus-like pus leaking from her ear. it has been going on for 3 months now. i have taken her to the ENT Specialist and they gave her an antibiotic. she has also been examined and hey took an ear swab test, they found nothing. the doctor told me it is because she is still small and she still has some developing to do. but now it has started bleeding and she scratches at it all the time, im really worried. do you have any idea what is causing this? im scared she will go deaf in her left ear!

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Wow! I think I would find another doctor to be honest. Pus is a signal of infection and bleeding is definately not good. She could have a busted eardrum from the pressure caused by an infection. I would even consider the ER at the nearest Childrens hospital. But this needs addressed soon. I surely must be painful for the little one. Your gut is telling you as a mom that something more is going on here. I suggest you follow it. Moms know.
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Are you sure she not causing the bleeding her self by putting something in her ear. Scratching her self with her finger nail in her sleep or something.

That would be the first thing I would try to rule out dont know if you have or not. My daughter ear's are so sensative that even  a cotten bud(cue tip) can cause her ear to bleed. That not even going near her ear drum its the walls of her ear that bleed.

The next thing I would be very worried about is a CFS leak has she had this ruled out. Thats spinal fluid leaking I sure hope its not and proberly is not BUT this is some thing that as a mum I would 100% proff that is not what was happening to my child. I dont want to scare you I dont even know if this has been ruled out yet but discharges from the ear and blood sound like it's needs a answer to me and soon.

Dont be afraid to make the Dr's listen to you.
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thanks alot, I really appreciate all your inputs in this matter and would take all your suggestions to mind. but what i really want is a feedback from the experts. this thing could be really serious and i am afraid that im not getting the help i need.
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I'd be at the at the Dr's every week or two asking to be pointed in the right direction for help or at the hospital asking for answers, At the very least asking them to rule out the more serious cause's. Once the more serious cause's are ruled out I would then relax a little. Have gromit's been susjested yet. She may need tube in her ear's to drain what ever is causing the problem once the the more serious things are ruled out.
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