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for white bump on the tonsil

hi, i have little bump on my tonsil from last 4-5days. i thought it for cold, but my tonsil is not become large. painful white bumps. i did unsafe sex last 14days ago. i thought i infected by hiv virus.  i want to know the cause of white bump on tonsil.
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Hi, most common cause for white patches is candidiasis. It is usually caused by candida albicnas, which is a fungal infection. The white patches have a cottage cheese appearance. They can occur as a consequence to throat infection. To confirm the presence of HIV infection, the most specific test would be testing for its antibodies with an ELISA test which is a screening test which looks for antibodies in the blood. The antibodies are usually produced within 1-3 months of the infection. Your need to consult  your doctor for proper assessment. In the meantime you can try warm salt water gargles and betadine mouthwashes. Regards.
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thanks for ur kind reply. i want to know that there have any relation with this fungi and hiv. i heard that these type of fungi and bacteria is very different from hiv virus made prob on throat. tonsil immune system is different from the hiv attacking cell. is it?
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