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fungus sinus infection

Hi, I am new to your group and I wonder if you all can help.  I am 62 years old, and have been healthy.  Last April I had an infected wisdom tooth removed.  Weeks before and after I had terrible sinus issues (NEVER had a sinus infection before)  Dentist discovered a tiny fistula, a hole to my sinus.  Told me not to blow my nose for 3 weeks.  When I went back, he said it was closed (and in fact, foul tasting drainage had stopped) but x ray showed my sinus was still infected, my sinus was still clogged.  I was on assorted antibiotics for 6 months. (I rarely take antibiotics)
My sinus (it's only left side, site of tooth) are much improved.  I probably did have a bacterial infection as well.  But, I have expelled several fungal balls over the past few months (either through my nose, or mouth), I have a putrid smell all the time.  The mucus is yellow (some days more than others), and I sleep with those nasal strips.  I netti pot 3 times a day and have tried all kinds of home remedies (tea tree oil, etc.)  My problem is I do not have health insurance (only catastrophic... $10,000 deductible) and won't get medicare for 3 more years.  How do I know if this is really dangerous, without doctor run-around?  What are symptoms?  Help please.  I am not myself, and haven't been for 10 months (that's when wisdom tooth made it's appearance ... and this all began)
It's all pretty frightening.
I know for sure they are fungus balls.  The first one kind of shocked me...this gray, clay-like ball in the shape of my sinus, came out as I was swallowing.  There have been several more.  However, I am seeing a change...last one was softer and more yellow than gray.  That was 2 weeks ago.
I have spent a great deal of time on line trying to find answers.  I'm sure also that this is a result of that fistula after my tooth was extracted. I have never had allergies before.  Although my doctor and dentist both have prescribed all kinds of antibiotics, steroid nasal spray, etc.- even though I keep telling then it's fungus.
I have little trouble with total congestion (did this spring)...drinking lots of fluids to keep discharge moving, which is now a pale yellow (not green, as before.)
Everything I've read about surgery is that it oftentimes doesn't work.
...and then there's the cost.
But, I just don't feel like "me" anymore. I just want this to go away.  any suggestions?
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"How do I know if this is really dangerous, without doctor run-around?"

You can't.

"I know for sure they are fungus balls."

It very well might be, but I would disagree that you can know this for sure with a culture or microscopic analysis.

"Everything I've read about surgery is that it oftentimes doesn't work.
...and then there's the cost."

There are no gaurantees in medicine or surgery.  The words "often times" are an exaggeration.  In the well-selected candidate, the surgeries are very successful.  Either way, I don't know that you have any good options here.  If there were a cheap, painless, easily available solution to your problem, it would be well-known!

Judging by what you have been through and the length of time you have been suffering from this, I think the only thing you can do is see an ENT doc.  I am sorry about the insurance/cost thing.  It's a sad situation.
I've had the same exact problem. I seen my regular dentist and he sent me to an oral surgeon because he knew that once the tooth was pulled that there would be a hole in the sinus so thinking that the oral surgeon would have closed me up the oral surgeon decided that he wasn't going to close me up and he wasn't going to treat any infections afterwards and not give me a referral so I've been stuck.and the comment about the ENT isn't going to do you any good I went and seen an ENT and he told me the issue lies with an oral surgeon and that he couldn't do anything even though I had a sinus infection for over 6 months now. But I do have to say if you do have a fistula like I do there are so many different types of bacteria in your mouth that do not belong in your sinuses and so yes it is very dangerous and can become deadly if left untreated and in some cases even when a doctor is trying to treat it. At this moment I'm experiencing too hard painful lumps on the roof of my mouth and for the last two mornings I've woken what looks like pink eye without the redness just a bunch of yellow pus in my eye and on the outside. Blurry vision comes and goes for the last few months also. I don't know if this is related but it really scares me because we could have an abscess growing in our sinuses and not know it not to mention the antibiotics that I'm still on has been for twenty days I only have a couple days left. I'm really at a loss I don't know what to do anymore I have an appointment couple weeks away for a different oral surgeon but my only option is really surgery I still have air flow when my sinuses aren't too congested between my sinuses and my mouth so obviously when I'm eating and drinking food and drinks go into their which also can cause infection. And like the other commenter said you don't know if it's fungus. You need to get to an oral surgeon ASAP oh and a tip gargle salt water it will keep the bacteria down in your mouth and cause less of a problem with your sinuses.ease see a doctor.got to a hospital if its bad enough you may be a candidate for emergency surgery. Good luck
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Lol didn't realize this was so old! Hahah
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