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green discharge from nose when i bend

I'm 23 years old male.. From the past 1 year i'm having greenish nasal discharge.. Its not completely green but yellowish green. It doesnt come whole day but, only when i bend forward for 2 or 3 minutes.. The mucus gets accumulated while laying down and gets discharged when i get up.. It also gets accumulated at the back of throat while laying down often causing throat infection.. The mucus has a very bad smell and is also causing post nasal drip.. I have been to many doctor's but non of there medicines worked.. Even an X ray of para nasal sinus and endoscopy was done.. But nothing was seen.. So the main issue here is i get this discharge only if i bend forward or lay down.. Does anyone have this problem..? If so please suggest me a remedy..
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Very bizarre, and seems no one reading, me included, meets your call to those with a similar experience.

Did the doctor visit include taking a sample of the discharge for laboratory analysis?  I should have.

Think to about anything different about your life-style and practices that started about the time of this symptom.  There may be an external or ingested cause.

Have your doctors simple given up?  I don't understand this if you have been able to produce discharge for them to examine, sounds like all you have to do is lean forward.
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