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hard lump for 3+ years & other symptoms


This is a first for me...but here it goes. I have had a large painless bump behind my left ear for 3+ years. That is when I first had my GP look at it. I told him that I was very tired, had sore throats, trouble breathing, and an unusual lump behind my ear. He ran blood work that came back mostly normal if I remember correctly, sent me for lung function tests to see if I had asthma-which I did/do not, and sent me to an ENT to look at my lump/throat. The ENT ordered a CT scan which was fine other than two thyroid masses. This diverted things a bit because my mother had had thyroid cancer at 19 and my sister was currently undergoing surgeries at the ******* Clinic for thyroid cancer. I was sent to an Endocronologist who biopsied my nodules which came back fine. On a follow up(a year or so later) he looked at the lump behind my left ear and was convinced that it was a bone/soft tissue overgrowth b/c of its size and how hard it was so he ordered an MRI which showed that it was neither and he recomended that I go back to my ENT to figure out what it is. I have been very busy and have not followed up but now I have lost 25lbs, have a constent pressure in my ear like the lump, which is getting larger, is pressing on something, still exhausted all the time, can't breathe easily, and have a new lump on the side of my right breast which I get ultrasounded on Thursday. And I have an appointment with an ENT on Tuesday about the lump behind my ear. Is it unreasonable of me to ask them to remove the lump because of the discomfort? I really feel that there is something more going on...Am I overreacting?  Any advice or information would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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It is definitely not overreacting to ask them to remove it. It is obviuosly affecting your life in a bad way. I'm sorry I don't have any more advie for you but I hope all goes well. Please post and let me know how it goes.

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