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help post nasal drip is keeping me awake

I caught a cold from my grandson which (typically for me) led to bronchitis. While I am used to the lack of sleep for a day or 2 until I get my wheezing under control this horrible constant post nasal drip is driving me crazy. within 10 minutes of falling asleep I wake up choking gasping and coughing until I cause bronchial spasms which then also keeps me awake. In the last 3 days and nights i have only been able to get a few hours of sleep most time spans only for a few minutes. It has been getting worse each night, I am waking up sooner and sleeping less. on top of that I have to go to work because I have the only income in the family and we live paycheck to paychek. Please HELP I need sleep!!!! I was already taking claritan in the morning and singulair at night. I have tried benadryl, dayquil, night quill etc. they only seem to make the mucous thicker making the problem worse. My throat is so raw it is bleeding. The PND mucous is clear.
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