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homeopathy for blocked eustachian tube

I have heard on several threads that the use of merc dulcis and kali mur were good for blocked eustachian tubes.  Mine has been blocked the last few months and has led to vertigo at times. When I change elevations slightly it opens up but then closes again.  A chiropractor was some help but my doctor gave me nasal steroids and decongestants that are not working at all really, only masking symptoms.  I have no pain but my ear being stopped up  is causing problems with dizziness and vertigo.  Any thoughts on homeopathy? Anyone with results?
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A blocked Eustachian tube usually results from upper respiratory tract infection, otitis media or sinusitis. You can try simple maneuvers like act of swallowing since it activates the muscles in the back of the throat which help open the Eustachian tube. Any activity that promotes swallowing can help open the Eustachian tube, for example, chewing gum, drinking, or eating. Yawning is also very effective because it is a stronger muscle activator. Regarding homeopathy medicine the treatment can be decided only after complete clinical examination. Whether you will respond to homeopathic medicine can be determined only after knowing the clinical examination findings. Consult an ENT specialist. I hope it helps.
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Thanks Dr Sharma,

I tried those to no avail. The doctors were going to send me to an ENT but I kept feeling it may be structural and after suffering with this for several years I went to a chiropractor who, upon taking x-rays found a few vertebrae misaligned in my neck, vertebras 2 and 3..  After just 2 treatments my hearing returned and the tube opened.  Also my sinuses cleared up.  I stopped all the nasal steroids and allergy meds.  I mean it was almost miraculous.  I still have continual treatments with the chiropractor but I am progressing nicely.
hi, i know it is an old post but did you recover completely? are you in the us? i am going to a chiropractor now, uk, but after 2 alignements my ears are still blocked.can you please let me know how you got rid of the problem? i am so grateful for any adviceyou could share. thankyou
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