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how do I clear a LARGE sinus mucus ball stuck above my soft pallet area

i started the week with what seamed like a head cold. fever, chills, sweats headache etc.  i broke the fever but still have the symptoms of a sinus infection. 2 days ago i snorted/coughed up a mucus snot ball and it had all of the gross colors and was about inch and a half long. another one the next day about the size of my thumbnail. all of last night my throat was really sore. this morning i woke up and i can feel this large nugget of a thing stuck in top of my throat were all of the nasty stuff comes out of your nose in to the back of your throat/mouth. what i NEED to know is.... how to get it out of there because it seems to large for me to cough/snort it out of there. i have tried several times and it feels a little too big and a little solid to try without causing further damage to myself. i have tried the netty-pot but that just cleared the soft stuff out of there. it feels like its just hanging there like an apple ready to fall of the branch. any suggestions?
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