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fHello, after a spinal anesthesia for a c-section I've been suffering from lethargy, dizziness 24/7, ringing in my ears, I can't focus my eyes, sensitivity to light and sound, hard to concentrate and a feeling of being disconnected from reality.

For the first 5 months I was in bed the whole time unable to get up and function, and when I would get up that lightheaded and lethargic feeling would hit me.

At the beginning I was told I had hydrops, now my neuro-surgeon is inclining more to no hydrops or that my symptoms have nothing to do with my ears.

if anything I have secondary hydrops and whats causing this condition is a persistent CSF leak.

Is there anyone in this forum that has been diagnosed with hydrops and can share he's/her symptoms with me?

Do my symptoms match those of secondary hydrops?

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