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labyrinthitis help

im 18 years old so about 3 months ago i got dizzy in class in the morning felt like the room was spinning it was really scary and since then i could not sit in class with out feeling light headed and my eyesight was weird couldn't focus wright and i have fatigue with headaches now no doctor has told me i have this but one doctor said you might i had a mri done it was good blood test as well every doc thinks its anxiety but im pretty sure its labyrinthitis i had a hearing test witch was good i also just did a balance test i have to wait 5 more days for the results any ideas guys?  this lighteadedness has been going on since those 3 months with fatigue and eye pressure constantly
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There are many causes of dizziness. Anemia, hypotension, vertigo, CNS problems, migraine all can cause symptoms experienced by you. In labyrinthitis there will be dizziness, vertigo, hearing loss and loss of balance. A complete physical and neurological exam should be done. An ear examination and hearing tests may be done. Treatment involves use of antihistamines and avoiding sudden movements or position changes. Consult an ENT examination for more queries and assistance. I sincerely hope it helps.
Best luck and regards!
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