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Okay, since 1992 I have had lots of throat infections in 1995 I had my tonsils and adanoids removed to help however it never did. And still had aleast 7 throat infections and laryngitis a year but since January this year I have had 20suvere throat infections all with laryngitis. My Dr had refeared me to ENT again for the millionth time, I have had a number of throat swabs done always coming back inconclusive but recently had blood tests taken and now have to go to the nurse at hospital what is the reason behind it what cud possibly be wrong with my blood that causes me to get so un well ???? Help please
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Having your tonsils and adenoids removed helps reduce the amount of Strep throats, but it doesn't eliminate your susceptibility to catch viruses which can cause throat infections.  Your sore throat may be due to acid reflux as it takes less acid to cause throat changes than actual heartburn.  If you don't have any other underlying immune problem, your ENT might want to perform a laryngeal scope to look for signs of acid reflux to the throat.  Otherwise, your primary care physician may want to evaluate you for an immune disorder.
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Hi, I went to ent the other day he used a camera to check my throat hes sent me for ultrasound scan and a CT scan due to a suspicious lump he says he thinks its an abcess or ulcer but couldnt see how big it was, now curious if it is an abcess or ulcer how on earth can it be removed as I have a few of them and antibiotics have never cleared them ?
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Doctor Idmorenm I think you may be able to help me. About 8 years ago I had my tonsils and my uvala  removed to help with sleep apnea and snoring. Now I am dealing with an extremely painful situation.
I have gastro parasthesis, GERD,  GastrtiS
And the real culprit right now is sever esophageal spasms. My neck is numb along with a portion of my face  they think that is because I have extreme muscle cramps or charlie horses in my neck.  they actually think that this part is caused by my fibromyalogia.Most of the time do you sure cause after I throw up or regurgitate which includes a great amount of stomach acid.I have large swollen lymph nodes. And a swollen place that looks like it's sitting on my carotid artery.
I have had mri head ct head scan with contrast I have had all types of blood work and I even saw a very mean d ENT.  Who barely looked down my throat except to tell me that I had some hardening oWho barely looked down my throat except to tell me that I had some hardening of the muscles in the back of my throat  the he squeezed my neck a couple of times wish was extremely painful and tell me there was nothing wrong.
He was actually supposed to use this camera scope and look down my throat but he didn't.
I am a disabled veteran I was injured in 1995 during a training exercise.3 years later I was diagnosed with fibromialgia and osteo arthritis. Hip problem other spinal problems. 3 years ago I began a better life, eating better, smokeless. I started a garden started eating better and them i got ill and they discoverd I have gastroparesis.
I think that there is something wrong inside my throat and my neck.because I go to do the day I sometimes have to deal with difficult doctors. But I've also seen the va improve so much over Last 12 years.
I do have regular insurance so I need to know what I need to do what to be doing this to me.
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I had an ultra sound on my neck today, and he took samples of something he wouldnt tell me what, I have to go for an emergency CT scan on Tuesday as its the only time I am available to do it. My ent Dr told me he thinks I have an abcess and an ulcer on my lymph node. Wich will require surgery. He used a camera down my throat and told me I do not swollow correctly ( it doesnt work properly ).... Im 21 and have constant infections and I have a big lump in my neck.
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