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looking for people who expierienced similar

my question would be, if there is anybody out there who experienced similar...
I suffered from a so called "esophageal web" nearly 26 (!) years... causing up to severe dysphagia all of my childhood and youth... (my) parents, doctors, sitters, kindergarden teachers ect. wouldn't do anything about it (!) and I found out about it through sheer accident at the age of 17 (!) by one official having me sent to hospital, to see a gastroenterologist.. who 'fixed' the problem (but having then antoher 6 years suffering from it until I finally and ultimately got rid of that sh... (sorry..) )..
I would be glad, actually thrilled (!), if there is someone out there who experienced similar, especially over such (!) long period of time...
Thank you
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edit: "...causing up to severe dysphagia all of my childhood and youth (and adulthood (!) ), having affected my everyday-life (!) in a massive (!) way (!)... (extreme (!) slow eating, from the age of 13 also food stuck in throat, starvation, malnutrition... was pure hell..)
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no one...? anyone..?
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