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lump behind ear

About a year ago i woke up with a burning lump behind my left ear found a lump. Now let me add that i had wore some cheap earrings. But it has been almost a year since. The burning pain would shoot down my neck and into my breast that happened off and on for months and finally quite. i had itching all over and mostly on the lump. now the itching on the lump doesn't happen as often. Now the lump Burns like every 3/4 days. When i push on it it seems to flatten out but returns within hours. Im scared any info would be great
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Hi there,
Any lump should be examined by a doctor. The cause can be allergic, inflammatory, infectious and very rarely malignant. The following medical conditions are some of the causes of any lump like sebaceous cyst, dermoid cyst, neurofibromatosis or any malignancy .A dermoid cyst is a benign cystic tumor often containing skin, hair, and other tissues. A sebaceous cyst is a cyst which forms in the epidermis, is noncancerous, and is generally not a serious condition. The exact cause can be determined only after a clinical examination. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination .Do keep me posted on how you are doing. Hope it helped.
Best wishes and regards!
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