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lump/chokey uncomfortable feeling in throat

Have sinus, polyps amd cysts, nose not too bad at present but Feel like there is something caught in throat and a heavy feeling, wjen bend down it is worse as i havel this uncomfortable, compressed feeling when bend down,to pick kids up, work in child care.
Have had  this one white pimple looking thing that comes in my tonsils area does not hurt , nor have tonsiliti..  
I have noticed, for a few months that i used to get a small pimple like thing, white, just one on right hand sideof tonsil, at the start i thought it was just a infection, but no pain just that when it got a bit big i would feel uncomforable when I swallowa as if there was something there, so i would put my finger in and squueze it out and a hard white piece would come out just like the head of the  pimple,
Last few weeks noticed a small raised up thing like a  size of a pea, hard, just on the same side the only reason I found out was because I put my hand there to check as it is slightly raised than the other side, and the other side looks smooth, mentioned to the doctor but no one put there finger to check it they just looked at throat with a icy pole stick and said not to worry, my glands on the neck is swollen for the last 4-5 weeks, been on doxy for three weeks, as i also had sinus issues, Dr, stopped doxy after 3 weeks been on it to give a break but said that my glands are still raised. Did Ultra sound on neck for thyroid, but said that it is clear, would they have found out anything on ultra sound. regarding this pea size lump if it was something bad,,
I am worried, have, a nasal drip, sinus seems to be OK at present, even though doctor said that my throat looks red due to nasal drip, yes nose get blocked on and off, have mucos as I have asthma.
Even when i bend down to pick something from the floor specially the kids or toys, feel like I am been strrangled.
went again to doctors today and saw different Dr. checked throat , but said that it did not look like anything  after checkeig with popstilcle stick. but not with finger to check the hardness, want to know if this is the cause of  my discomfort and gagging feeling as if i want to swallow something but instead it is like this chokibng even when i tried to puke due to this today never before and felt like there was something wanting to come other than phlem but nothing came out and i was getting clogged up with this darn thing trying to come out but nothing happening and i felt like i was gonna choke due to this. Dr, asked to take cold and flu tablets as it will clear mucous, other dorctor said to take antihistamines, but read that antihistamines could make the sinus get stuck and not flow, even carrying handback is such a task tdue to this heavyness,
Going to see ENT on monday, could anyone have any suggestion regarding this gagging , heavy feeling in throat that makes me wanna puke. Why are my glands on neck still there after 3 wweks on doxy, until last saturday, and Dr suggested to get  a break from medication, Any one having this choking gagging/choking feeling, or a pea size lump in throat,  ibnformation would be useful ,
God bless you all,
pS I sleep for about 4 hours at nigh. yesterday I start to almost puke due to this. I feel like I cant swallow properly and that everything is getting clogged up and cant breath ,as i feel like the food is getting stuck in throat area. This puky business started today twice,, one i hadn't even eaten anythink when this feeling came on and i thought i was going to get clogged up with the feeling of having something stuck and not going down, and then when i had some tifle and after i finished it i started to gag as if there was something there and not coming out even though i had nothing in my mouth.  
Anyone please help  
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The gagging feeling could be from postnasal drip. It could also be from Acid Reflux.
Only further testing will determine the true cause.

I have both of those problems and feel like that constantly.
My mom has those feelings too...but her's ( They think ) is caused from some valve not working properly or something. I'll have to ask her what it is she has...once the tests are finished that is.
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Acid reflux, Ive experienced the same sensations and feelings you described. I was convinced something was stuck in my throat. It was a combination of nerves and Gerd. I took Prevacid, and wasnt able to tolerate it and.now take Pepcid 20 mg whenever I have reflux and it seems to do the job. The white stuff that came out of your mouth is food particles getting stuck in your tonsils. Test it by smashing the particle with your finger and if it smells foul that's what it is. Acid reflux can cause small craters in your tonsils where the food can get trapped. That alone can also make you feel like there's something stuck in your throat. If it becomes too bothersome you may want to consider having your tonsils removed. Good luck to you, hope all is well.
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