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lump in back of neck

Hi - I've had a very small lump in the back of my neck for a few months now, since about July I think.  It's about two inches from the base of the ear towards the middle of the neck and about 1/2 to 1 inch down from the hairline.  Does anyone know which nodes those are - I've seen conflicting info from websites.  And, how likely is it to be something serious?  I don't think it's gotten much bigger than from I first discovered it, but the area seems more irritated now.  I was first put on a steroid pack for one week and muscle relaxants, which did nothing.  Then an ENT put me on antibiotics but nothing has happened after three days.  If it's not gone in another week, I need to have an MRI and possibly a biopsy.  A little worried now.  Any info you can share would be appreciated.
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In regards to the head/neck, lymph nodes are found under the
skin & then 'deeper' along vessels of the neck. Sounds like
Dr is doing things right. Sometimes it's infection or could be
debrie accumulated so they go by clinical evaluation & response.
Start conservative & go from there. Finish all rx & then ask
Dr. if you can go w/ a small punch biopsy = fastest answer! It
depends on clinical & sz. Many will be causious & do mri first
if it's large. Stop pressing on it. Don't want to open the
capsule. Doc is taking good care of you.
143952 tn?1237868141
thanks for the response.  i hate to admit that i am poking it too much....as if it's going to miraculously disappear :)
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