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lump in throat

I have had some medical concerns over the last year or so, they may or may not be related, but my guess is at least some are.  I want to find out what is wrong so I know what action to take.  Here is the history:

It started just after the birth of my daughter.  I had a pain in my chest and went to the dr about it. I felt like it was a bowling ball in my lungs then.  It felt like my chest was heavy and pulling me down (may have litterly been my chest full of milk, not my lungs, but it felt serious)  He gave me x-rays, an asma test, and even a CT Scan to see if it was a blood clot in my lungs.  He found nothing, and after a few weeks I began to feel better

I felt like I had a lump in my throat many times over the next few weeks, but didn't think much of it until one day after eating pretzals peanut butter and whole wheat toast, I felt like it was caught.  I drank water a lot, and still after hours it was there, and it hurt....really bad.  I was in so much pain at one point that I had tears, but I made myself calm down cause that seemed to make it worse.  So I went to the ER and they told me to just go home sleep sitting up and if it was still there tomorrow to get an endoscopy.  In the morning it was still there so I scheduled an appointment, I was starting to feel better, and the "lump" felt lower by the time I went in.  I had the procedure and afterward I waited for the Dr to come talk to me, he just peeked his head in the curtain and said "Didn't find anything.  You can go home"  

I did some internet research and came to think it my be globus.  I do think I feel it when I run hard if I recall (I've been avoiding running though because of knee problems, so I can't test that theory thoroughly)  So I've just thought that must be what it is until recently.

I keep getting it after I eat!  It seems to me it could be an allergy, but when I look at allergy symptoms they say I would have trouble breathing.  I do not.  I just have a painful lump in my throat, often coupled with nausea and diarrhea.  I also feel like my throat tickles a lot of the time.  It feels very irritated when I eat bread and toast (I eat whole wheat).  I have a rash on my stomach, which could be a bug bite, but might be related if it is an allergy.

How would can I identify if I have stress or an allergy?  or does it sound like something else?
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You mentioned "endoscopy," but what kind of endoscopy?

Taking any medications at this time?  Some medicatins can cause these symptoms.  

I would recommend a barium swallow x-ray if you have not had one yet.  

In my opinion, your problem sound more GI then ENT.
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Difficulty in swallowing/painful lump in the throat feeling, could be of various causes. Laryngo pharyngeal reflux, globus pharyngeus, plummer vinson syndrome, are few to mention. It needs battery of investigation to be done. Complete blood picture, OGD scopy (Oesophago-gaestro-duodenoscopy) and barium swallow are done to confirm the diagnosis.
Most common condition being Laryngopharyngeal reflux, this aggravates during stress. Try taking proton pump inhibitors (such as Omeprazole), drink plenty of water, and also avoid Junk food, fizzy drinks and alcohol until you get an appointment with the doctor.

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