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lump in throat

About Me: Female, 54, Mount Airy - NC, member since Jun 2009
I'm 54 yrs. old, female. I had to be taken to ER about 6 weeks ago, I was having double vision, dizziness, throwing up every time I moved my head. The left side of my tongue went numb as the double vision was coming on, I threw up terriblely.  Ever since then I feel like  I have a lump in my throat all the time. It has been there so long that it is really starting to brother me. Also, the right side of my body is numb....face, all the way to foot. The left side of my tongue is still numb, like when you have been to the dentist and he has given you a shot of novacaine. HELP!!!  
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I am a diabetic. After vomiting this time, it feels like a lump is in my throat . Every time I swallow I notice the sensation of something stuck in my throat. I can breath fine, but this sensation is annoying me. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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Hi ive been having this "lump in throat sensation" for a month now its so annoying i dont have trouble breathing or swallowing food....but it is hard to swallow my saliva. The feeling gets alot  worse at night. I also have acid reflux. I try to burp alot to relieve the feeling but it dosent work. It feels like a tight necklace around my neck. i dont know how to get rid of this.. maybe its GERD? but i dont know im kinda scared because it will not go away. VERY ANNOYING. Help please?? Thank you
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Lump in throat.   Sometimes I as well get the feeling of a necklace around my throat, on a few occassions it turned out to be (even though I have other GI problems) stress or what is soetimes called hysterical throat.
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yeah i was diagnosed with anxiety and that comes along with stress. ive had this lump problem for about a month now. How did you relive this?
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I guess it's about trying to rid oneselves of the stress-----not an easy task. To do it naturally, deep breathing and some relaxation excercises, tapes etc. could help a bit, also maybe to talk to someone about your stress. Hope you get relief.  
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