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lump on neck

hey...i just wanted to find out if these symptoms are something i should get checked out. I randomly get days, where my esophogus feels, well i would  describe it as stiff and soar. My neck is not soar at all, it is just the esophogus. If i put my head back I feel pain in my esophogus and while moving my head back it feels worse, as if it is stiff and cannot be stretched out too fast or too far. If I turn my head to the side I get the same feeling, as if I should not keep turning. It then reacts just as if I were cracking my neck...I keep turning my head to the side and than it "snaps" back into place. It than feels normal again-if i keep it in that position. As soon as i move myhead again though it hurts again. The pain goes off and on during the day but by night I will get a soar throat and it will be painful to swallow. When I grab my throat and move it from side to side it kind of "pops" in side but not like a bubble, just in and out of place. I think this part though is the same for everyone. I also have a small oval shaped lump which resides on the left side of my throat, where it would get swollen if I had strep throat. It is only on one side, can be moved up and down slightly, does not hurt, and is the size of two of my fingure tips. When my throat is not sore it is smaller which is why I never thought anything of it before; I wasn't sure if it was really there or if it were just in my head. I don't usually worry about things like this but I find it very wierd that I do not have a cold or flu when my throat gets soar, the only thing that hurts is my esophogus. It also lasts only a day and than will not happen again for a few weeks. I am eighteen and do smoke small cigars. I smoke any where from one to eight a day and have done so for about a year. I do not smoke anything else, though I do spend my whole day aroung people who do. I do not smoke when my throat begins to get soar so there is no provoction from that. I show no signs of weakness, dissiness, sickness, tiredness, or pains in the ears or head as I might if I were sick. The bump is noticible not by sight but when a figure is moved over it and this is a permanant symptom. I hope I have given enough details so that a proper diagnoses may be given. If there is any idea of what might be wrong and if it should be checked or not I would like to know. Because of the fact that these symptoms only last a day and do not occure often I do not get the chance to show my doctor exactly what is wrong so I prefer to ask before i wait in line to be told I'm fine and that it is normal.
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