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lump on throat behind left tonsil?

For roughly six months I have dealt with tonsil stones due to that,I am fairly aware of my tonsils.  One day maybe 4 months ago,I noticed a a hard protrusion coming from my throat that was rubbing against my left Tonsil. It feels like bone at the base and hard cartilage at the top. It is slightly pointed. It is not painful and immovable at the base very slightly moveable at the top. I feel as Though it may have grown,but not enough of a growth to be certain,I very well could have irritated the area by feeling it so often. I do feel it now touching my tonsil. It feels like there is something stuck in my tonsil. I cannot visibly see this lump. I have tried but my tonsil is in the way. I have an appointment with my dr tomorrow to see if he knows what this could be. Google tells me that it's cancer,but I honestly have not found anything that describes exactly what I am feeling. If you have any insight on what this could be,that would be great.
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Hope here is no cancer, but expect the doctor would want to get a biopsy done on a sample of the growth to be sure.

Have you learned anything from you doctor, this being the day after your appointment.
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My doctor didn't really take me too seriously. He gave me antibiotics as my tonsils were inflamed. He didn't even feel my growth. I'm a nervous wreck and feel like I need
To get a second opinion.
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Just an update for anyone who might search this in the future. Somehow,after several months of having this growth. It literally disappeared over night. It was fully there yesterday (actually seemed bigger) today it is completely gone! This was a rock hard protrusion,that I in no way thought was any sort of infection. I had no fever,no sore throat,nothing. I did get a referral to an ENT and I will still be going as I still feel like something is stuck in my tonsil,and my one tonsil is still larger. But the growth I was concerned about is gone! I'm
Hoping all the weird things going on with this tonsil have all just been a result of an untreated infection.
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