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lump under tongue

My friends son has developed a lump under his tongue which is painful and has put him off his food hence weight loss. She lives in Indonesia where medical care is costly and does not appear to be up to the standards you would expect. He has been prescribed a steroid ointment (for topical use only ?????) which has reduced the size of the lump but it then returns when the ointment is not used. I have suggested she ask her GP to undertake blood tests fbc ue b12 folate but after that I am at a loss. Surgery has been suggested but his Mum is unlikely to be able to afford this and I am not sure its absolutely necessary. I have been sent some pictures of the offending lump if anyone is in a position to view them . Many Thanks for your help.
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I have heard that sometimes your saliva gland under your tounge can become clogged with a stone that just randomly forms.  It is very painful and causes swelling and a bump.  I know that there is an old remedy for it and it is to simply eat lots of sour things and it will force itself out.  Just a thought, could be a possibility.  I hope everything works out for him, poor thing. :(
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I have the exact same thing. I have been like crying in pain because of it. It hurts to move my tongue around and it makes it hard to swallow even my own saliva. I have been to my doctor and dentist about it, both saying it will leave on its own..but it has been years...They said its a salivatory stone, caused by plaque type buildup that gets stuck and makes it hard to salivate...who knows. I wish I had an answer for you, and for myself.
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