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lumps behind ear and wrist

3 months ago i noticed a lump on side of my left wrist, and gets painful sometimes on certain hand movements. And just yesterday, i found out that I have a lump behind my left ear. I've been having severe headaches as well as toothaches on the left side also. it seems that all these are happening on the left side of my body.

additional info: i gave birth last april, preterm (30-31 weeks). i had a rough 1st time pregnancy, i have hypertension, switched to different medications because my blood pressure was not getting low, and then bell's palsy (on left side of face) from which my OB decided to terminate my pregnancy due to impending seizure. after a month upon giving birth the bell's palsy was gone. but now im beginning to feel involuntrary movements of my eyelids again, and some muscle twitches on other parts of my left side of the body.

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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The lump behind the ear could be enlarged lymph node/nodes. Lymph are protective mechanisms of the body and they 'trap' the infecting source causing enlargement of lymph nodes. The infection can be from the teeth. The lump at the wrist may not be a lymph node. For the involuntary movements consult your primary care physician for a neurological assessment, he may refer you to a neurologist if needed.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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