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mononucleosis or lymphoma ?

I have a situation with my brother, He is 32, He is in hospital now but nobody knows exactly what is wrong with him!
He told me that he had Herpes simplex on his upper lip and when he went to the doctor, he recommended some kind of corticosteroid ointment and when he didn't respond to them they prescribed Dexamethasone injection (8 of them in 4 days). After 3-4 days his throat begins to swells and it got bigger and bigger since and he started to experience fever and chill afterward.
We decided to take him to a hospital at first they gave him some antibiotics but nothing has change, every doctor comes up with a new diagnosis,one day they say it might be Mononucleosis, then they say it might be Lymphoma or leukemia.
yesterday they did a biopsy on his neck and they result won't go out until Saturday :( I really don't know what to do? this waiting is killing me ....
He still has his fever and chills, he lost weight but he feels better now. he is just so tired and confused!
Would you please help me with that, what is it really?
many thanks in advance .
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your brother!  I can imagine that you are anxious to get results and to find out what is wrong with him, but unfortunately it is going to take time for those bloodtests to come back and that will bring the Docs one step closer to a diagnosis.

Fever and chills are never a good sign, but he is in the best place:  Hospital.  They are soon going to have more answers for him.

There is very specific tests that I am sure the Docs have done to rule out/confirm Leukemia/Cancer or even Mono.  The Herpes-virus causes Mono and if he is having a flair-up now, it explains all of his symptoms.  Biopsies are very invasive and the Docs would not have done that if it was not necessary - so the biopsy results will be very meaningful to his diagnosis.

I understand and now what you are going through, as his sister:  My sister was sick for more than 9 years and she had so many miss-diagnosis and eventually someone did a CA25 Cancer test and now she is busy with treatment for Chronical Lymph Leukemia and actually getting better for the 1st time in years!

Keep in touch.  I would love to try and help and comfort you.
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Hi there,
Thanks for your reply, and thanks for understanding me.
yeah I do realized that the best thing is to wait for those biopsy results.
I think it might not be related but for your information my brother lives and works on an island_his work is in an office (but now he is back to land).

And I hope your sister and every other patient gets better and better.

Many Thanks.
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Has he been seen by an ID physician (Infectious Disease)?

A bone marrow aspiration should be done to rule out Lymphoma/Leukemia.  
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Please keep us updated on his progress.  All the best to him.
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Yes he is now under a Infectious disease doctor supervision but the doctor didn't do a bone marrow aspiration yet, I think they all wait for that biopsy result of his neck node at the moment.
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Ok, sounds like they are trying to sort this out properly; just a pain to have to wait and see what comes about.  

Well....do keep us posted.  
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You're not gonna believe that! after three days the pathology came to me and said that the doctors made a mistake during the biospy and instead of taking a sample of lymph on his neck they took a Salivary glands out!!

though the biopsy on that gland didn't show any sign of cancer.

They tried to do another biopsy yesterday and It seems that unfortunately they were unable to take a sample via biposy because of the swelled nodes!!!
my brother is so frightened and he is so worried now, he doesn't believe in any of us now! :( He don't believe a word we say and he becomes more and more aggressive toward us.
We don't now what to do now, we just decided to take him to another hospital by now before they do another mistake!
I can't believe ....
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OMG!  That's terrible.  Exactly how old is your brother?  

I think I would have done the same thing; gone to another hospital.  

Well, do keep us posted.  Hopefully, the update will be better news that this.  Just awful.  
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Yeah, it's awful.
We just moved him to another hospital. they will perform a biopsy in 2-3 hours from now.
We didn't told him that the last biopsy didn't go well, he still thinks that they did it right. coz we thought it will destroy him :(
Hopefully his general condition is improving, he didn't have a fever in last 30 hours,his psychological state was better last night.
I don't know what will happen when we tell him that there's gonna be another biopsy!
I'm just praying .....
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Just curious....how old is your brother?  Does he have a psych history or a limited mental capacity?  Just wondering why he can't make his own decisions.  

Well.....just hope he gets the care he needs and he is ok with that.  

Terrible about that mistake.  Unfortunately, those things can happen.  
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Sorry to hear about the trouble your brother has been having with the changing of Hospitals!  I think it can happen for Docs to biopsy the wrong tissue, but it should not happen again as it is a rear incidense.

Just keep on supporting your brother and assure him that even though it is terrible to go through all of the tests, the Docs need to get a diagnosis in order to treat him and it is not going to be easy but soon will be over and he'll start improving.

Please keep us updated and all the best!  stay strong and positive.
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As I mentioned in my first post he is 32!
What do you mean by those words? of course he is not! Are you trying to help me? coz you are not!
Does he have any options? We just have to wait and see about that biopsy result.
FYI he is so tired and he his so worried because it took so long and no one seems to know what's wrong with him,we are doing our best to keep him calm.
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