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nasal block & ear perforation!

I had undergone a ear perforation 2 years ago in bangalore and the doc had advised me to get my ear examined once after 6months, i never did that and as i started staying in UAE, Dubai. but after 18months i started feeling pain in the same ear, so then i went to a ENT in a local clinic here and he examined me thru his naked eyes and prescribed me a antibiotics coursce for a week, and after a week i started feeling fine, but again after 2 months or so i felt the same pain & i again visited him and he followed the same procedure of antibiotics for a week, and told me that i ahve septum nasal block in my right nostril. and again after the course i felt better!

but since a week Ive been noticing that i get frequent headaches, and the whole area around my ear pains constantly and when i wake up in the morning my nose is completely blocked, i have a sore throat, my head is  heavy and i have a floaty feeling in my head for an hour or so and then it gradually starts to get better! i sometimes feel a metallic smell & taste all of a sudden in my nose and mouth  and frequently i fine blood remains when i clean my nostrils in the morning so as it will help in clearing my nose block, i smoke about 2 or 3 cigarettes a day as ive reduced from being a chain smoker! pls advice me the right procedure of treatment to follow and is my ailment a very serious threat to my brain as well pls inform!
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