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neck swells internally one left side?

Hi, for the past 3 years i have been having this swelling sensation on the left side of my neck/throat. its inernally and i feel like its swollen or something swells up and its kinda hard to describe but i have it everyday and its worse after eating. no matter what i eat. it only happens on the left side of my neck/throat. i think it does swell cause it feels very uncomfortable and i don't know what it is. the doctor put his microscope down my throat but didnt see anything, he says he wants me to have a barium swallow done to check for zenkers diverticulem. could i have that for 3 years though? would it cause my symptoms? also it feels better when i take an antihistamine but not 100 percent. my other symptoms are daily facial flushing but i don't think its related im also being tested for carcinoid for that. i was thinking it was angioedema? any thoughts?
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Have the barium. My mom suffered for quite some time with what you are describing...and sure enough she was diagnosed with the diverticulem issue.

There are many things ( such as goiter and thyroid issues ) that can cause what you are experiencing as well.

I say go with the test. If it's not that, then you're one step closer to finding out what it is then.
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thanks hun, did she have swelling sensation on one side of her neck?
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