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need some answers for my new born niece

The question is;
is it normal for a new born to have problems breathing out there nose, my niece is now 1 month 9 days old, and has this problem since birth .
" my Question is, is it a normal things for baby's to this problem ?
Please help i am worried about her my son and his wife about this . will check first thing in the morning thnx everyone.
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Does the baby see a pediatrician?  They should notice if the baby is having trouble.  Is the baby sleeping at night?  Did you notice if the baby is able to drink from a bottle with the nose problem?  If they are stuffed up, they tend to get very frustrated trying to drink from the bottle.  They get fussy and try to push the nipple out of their mouths.  Is there mucous in the baby's nose?  If so, use a suction bulb to try and remove the mucous.  But make sure they don't squeeze the bulb when it is inside her nose - this will blow air up her nose.  They have to squeeze the bulb first, hold it there and place the small end up the nose and then release the squeeze to suck out any mucous.  I don't know if this will help but give it a try.
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Well thnx for the in put, yes as far as i know she has a pediatrician,but it seems like he has done nothing for her breathing problem at all, well when drinking from the bottle she will drink for awhile then push the bottle away then take a lot of breath then drink again that's not normal they have tired to clean her nose out before eating but she still does the same thing, it's the same thing when she is breast feeding, i do believe it is time for a new pediatrician, but finding one is the hard problem cause we have /they have medicare thnx for the info i will be talking to my son tonight so we can find a new pediatrician for my little grand daughter .
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Your welcome.  And don't panic.  If the problem is in the nose, she could be genetically small in there or maybe she's having a problem with milk products.  Just a thought.
Hang in there.  

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