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nerves and itchy ears...

Does anyone else think these itchy crusty ears are related to nerves?    I had severe itchy ear problems when I was taking finals and moving off to college.. now, 40 years later with my husband very sick it is recurring.   Q-tips provide relief but add to the watery problem.   I have found that LANOLIN works really well for softening the crusting and also the itch.  I've had to use otic neosporin for infections that result from my endless digging.  I even have a favorite tweezer - sound familiar??   Its an endless cycle if I don't stop myself.  It seems to be a nervous addiction at the moment...allowing myself to indulge, knowing it will only get worse.  I have to be determined to quit the cycle.  I'm almost there as they are getting very sore and noticeably red....embarrassing!    I need to channel my nervous energy into a more productive action.   Try lanolin folks!   (I have to admit, its more fun to peel off flexible crust thanks to the lanolin)  When I'm ready, I'll stop the cycle...when they itch I'll apply lanolin gently and not scratch.   Vinegar helps make the itch go away (one might prefer a stinging sensation over itching) but then they dry out.    I know its happening because I am so stressed.   Maybe meditation and calming down, accepting the situation I'm faced with.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The symptoms described by you could be due a skin disorder called eczema. People who suffer from this disorder should avoid contact with triggering factors like soaps, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, and detergents. Sometimes sweat, changes in temperature and psychological stress are known to trigger these episodes. So, the best way to prevent attacks is to identify those substances which you are allergic to and avoid them. Consult your  primary care physician for therapy. If the need arises he may refer you to a dermatologist.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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I think you're right!   My itchy ears have eczema!  I wondered if that was it.... Its all brought on by my emotions because I don't wear jewelry, use creams or perfume.   My husband is undergoing interferon treatment and is homebound due to an immune problem due to the meds.  I also have chewed my nails as short as they go..which is unusual for me.  I'd better take to the treadmill and blow off some steam!  Thanks for input and caring, Dr. Anitha.
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