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Anyone out there has any new information on having ear tubes removed in adults? these posts are old post,anybody having problems with ear tubes 2018?
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Hi Susie, I’m going to the dr. Tomorrow to discuss getting mine removed.  It’s been horrible.
Thank you for responding to my post,I am so unset with these tubes,it's been 10 months now and my Dr. can't give me any real answers of why the tubes are giving me so much trouble,he has never heard of the problems that I am having. He only said well it they are bother you some much we can take them out,but not saying anything about my hearing inproving or not and will the hole in my ear drums, will they close after 10 months. Can you post back to me and let me know what your DR.said and what you have decided? thank you.
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I think you and I have had similar issues.  I had an ear infection that wasn’t clearing up after two rounds of strong antibiotics.  I lost most of my hearing in my right ear.  The clogged feeling was driving me nuts so the ENT recommended putting a tube in.  However, afterwards I felt no relief and there was no fluid which had him perplexed.  My hearing improved a little bit but hearing myself breathe and the pressure is driving me insane.  Since it wasn’t improving we did an MRI.  They said it looks like mastoiditis .  My next option was to have a surgery to drill a hole or something like that so I went to a new dr.  The new doctor wanted me to try some different ear drops.  I haven’t had any improvement.  I’m becoming so depressed because nobody ever seems to improve nor does anyone seem to know why it is.  Sorry for such a lengthy reply but I desperately need to know I’m not crazy and I’m not making this up.
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They removed my tube.  Said the tube had fallen into my middle ear and my eardrum didn’t heal around the tube like it should
Wow,you would think that the ENT would have notice that before,they have looked at my ear tubes many time and all they say is looks good! but can't explain the problems I am having,did you have your tube removed in the office? what happens now? will that ear drum heal on it's own? how long did your tube stay in before you had it removed? sorry for all these questions.
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