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nose pressure that affects everything
im having this kind of problem. if you look at it, it just so small but it affects me hugely.

my problem is just nose pressure. simply nose pressure. this pressure is in the upper corner  bridge of the nose. mostly it appears on the left side. sometimes on the right side or sometimes at the back, that make my troat having saliva on it or maybe sinusitis or mucus like it was stuck on the center of my chest that makes me to keep swallowing it.

this nose pressure, for what i describe is like something inside my nose was rotating. its like my nose was being squeezed. but i dont know...
i enumerate the problem that im experiencing because of this nose pressure.

1.) feeling of headache and migraine. this will followed by changes on my personality, mood, behavior. my thoughts, my lifestyle.

2.) feeling of numbness. if the pressure is on the left corner of my nose. i felt numbness on my left face or sometimes in all left side of my body and vice versa.
    feeling of pain. feeling of pain in my chest or in my stomach. my knee. etc

3.)i cant breathe clearly. 24/7 my nose was blocked on either one hole. as a result of this. i experience sleeping problems. when ever i woke up i felt fatigue, dizziness and pain on my chest.

i consulted 2 ent doctors.  they said that im having sinusitis and slightly deviated septum.
to tell you the truth, im kind of pissed because they dont listen to me. i explain what i felt about my nose. and they just dont talk about it. what they do is just look at my nose and then tell me what they think is the problem and give me a list of medicine.

its like they dont want to talk about my nose. and they just do what they want to do.

to those people who read and also experiencing this problem. do you found any cure?. any advised given to you by the ENT who examined you?. please help me.  this nose pressure that i felt on the  upper corner bridge of my nose affects everything. this pressure is destroying me.

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