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on-going sinus issues for almost 2 years...nothing helps!

I'm a 22 year old healthy male.  I work out from time to time, eat pretty healthy, not overweight, and Ive never really had any major health problems.

This whole situation started about a year and half to 2 years ago.  It started when I quit smoking marijuana.  After about a week, I began to feel really anxious ( i figured it was withdrawal ) and then I started to feel really terrible.  turns out I was getting a really bad case of the flu...probably the worse I've ever had.

While I was sick, I was having terrible sinus pressure and headaches, clogged painful ears, the whole nine yards.  this was accompanied by panic attacks and really bad anxiety.  I went through antibiotics and tamiflu, and after about a month, the flu was gone, but sinus pressure remained.  I went to the ENT, who gave me more antibiotics, which did nothing.  Went for a CT scan, and it all came back normal, aside from my severly deviated septum due to an accident that broke my nose.  Doctor said the only option was surgery.  During this whole time, i was really anxious and felt wierd because of the constant sinus pressure, headache, pressure in temples, and clogged ears.  i felt off balance, and not myself.  I was so anxious and felt so bad all the time I rarely wanted to leave my house. I suffered through all this for months and months, hoping that one day it would stop and resolve itself since my doctor told me there was nothing wrong.  I went to a second ENT recently for a second opinion, and he too said that surgery would help.  I broke down and got the surgery.  Its been 2 months since I had my septum fixed, and its still the same deal...except slightly less intense.  I still have sinus pressure, temple pressure, headache, clogged ears...mostly on the side that was deviated.  I don't really have any kind of discolored discharge, if any.  I can breathe better, but my cheeks usually always feel pressure, along with all the other stuff.  I've never really had allergies, and I've been taking Claritin-D everyday at the recommendation of my doctor.   I use a neti pot with saline rinse everyday.  Throughout this thing I've also tried vitamins/herbs, acupuncture, nasal steroids, antibiotics, mucinex, sudafed, claritin, sinusbuster spray, hot or cold compresses on my face, herbal tea, meditation, collodial silver sinus spray, breathe right strips while i sleep...pretty much everything i could think of.  Luckily, I'm not anxious like I was before, but when it gets really bad and I have to go to work/go out with friends/go shopping/etc, it makes me anxious because i just don't feel good and its hard to function normally when you ALWAYS feel like ****.  I sleep fine, but sometimes even wake up in the morning with the pressure.

i went back to the ENT yesterday, and he gave me another course of antibiotics, but longer in duration.  he said if it doesnt go away i need another CT scan.  I'm nervous that the medicine wont work, and the CT scan will show up normal again.  what then?

anyone have any suggestions?  im desperate to get my life back!
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You may possibly have a chronic infection of the upper sinuses, the sphenoid and or the frontals.  Antibiotics often do not work up there, because of the minimal blood supply, and a neti pot is semi-useless due to gravity.  The technique I invented defeats gravity, opens up the upper nasal passages, and washes out the infection, if you are lucky.

Don't get vexed that doctors aren't curing you.  One of the best sinus surgeons in New York (hence, the world) has chronic sinus problems.  He should try this, too:


The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush is mildly risky, because you have to bend over to do it, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside on soft ground.

You may also have a fungal infection, which won't respond to antibiotics, but the flush can possibly help on that.  Yes, an infection can cause anxiety, somewhere along the lines that LSD is made from a fungus.  The toxins from bacterial or viral infection can mess with your brain, too.

Good luck, I remember the feeling.
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I'm at work and haven't had a chance to completely read the entire post, but at first glance it looks like the most informative piece of information I've ever seen on sinusitis.  I really appreciate your response, and I'm looking forward to going home and trying this!

I'll post in a few days to share the results.  

I greatly appreciate the information!
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Recurring sinus infections can be caused by a compromised gastro intestinal system.  If you have been taking antibiotics, even just once, it will contribute to that.   Do you drink / eat a lot of dairy?  Also a huge aggrevator for sinus problems.   Try a good probiotic supplement, reevalute your diet, and cut all dairy.   It might help alleviate your issues.

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Yes, I've taken about 4 or 5 courses of antibiotics over the past year and a half.  Each time I do I usually follow it up with a probiotic supplement.  Are there any in particular you'd recommend?  I don't really consume a lot of dairy.  I drink coffee almost every morning and I'll put a little bit of half and half in it, but that's probably it.  I work out, but never really take any whey protein, which I just recently found out is a dairy product :)

I've been doing your technique for the past 2 days, and last night I added a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to the solution.  it BURNED! haha.   Anyway, today when I woke up I felt a little nasally congested, and I don't usually.   I blew my nose and the mucus had tints of yellow in it when its usually clear or cloudy white.  Do you think this is a sign of progress? :)
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I don't think dairy is a problem.  After developing this flush, I've been eating large amounts of dairy stuff, like probiotic vanilla yogurt, and haven't had a full day of congestion for 4 years (although I still can't drink a delicious Chik-fil-A chocolate shake without semi-gagging). I think it's the sugar in the dairy products, along with other sugar, that triggers insulin reactions and mucus.

Thanks for the information kjelltp, I didn't know antibiotics could do that--no wonder my sinus infection got worse after taking antibiotics meant to kill it.

Paradoxenygma, in your case, I would guess that the passages to your upper sinuses are clogged, and the saline is meant to shrink the tissue in the passages, and open them up, draining the infected pus, which would be the yellow stuff, representing progress.

I never did put peroxide in the flush, because the point is to open up the passages and flush out infected mucus, rather than to directly kill the microbes.  Maybe it works better, maybe not.  I would be reluctant to do anyting that would further mess with the cilia, which are the little hairs that move junk out of your nose and sinuses.  They don't start working to the best of their abililities until you stop flushing, which you should do after about 2 weeks of it.

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Personally I use a Genestra brand probiotic, called HMF Replete.  It contains a lot of strains, and from what I hear, is one of the more effective probiotics (that I know of).

And yes, sugar is another no-no in these cases.  Also try cutting out gluten products for a while.   Another good way to clear muccus in general, is to drink luke warm water, with fresh squeezed lemon or lime.  I swear by that FIRST thing in the AM at rise, and last thing before bed.  

Yogurt is somewhat better than milk, if you gotta have dairy (atleast make sure you get a no/low sugar and organic)  The best is probably to make your own.  

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