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one swollen tonsil, cancer??

i am a 22 yr old male

what r the chances i have tonsil cancer. I have occasionally smoked (every once in a while at a bar or maybe a cigar when fishing) since feb. of 08 and have been smokin pot whenever i can find some off and on since about then aswell.

well it all started in july it was the monday b4 the 4th and i caught a sore throat from my roomate. Well i nursed it back to health with dayquil and garling warm seasalt water and cough drops. then the 4th came and some friends were in town and needless to say a lot of pot smokin went on that weekend. and by sunday my sore throat was back.

went to the doctor and he proscribed a five day supply of zithromax which it turned out i was allergic to. but i really didnt figure that out til i had already taken the last pill. that was the sat after the 4th: july 12th

after that i noticed that my throat still had a minor pain when i swallowed but only on the right side and my voice would become dry and hoarseness i would have to clear my throat a lot to talk. Since i personally know my doctor i emailed him and he prescribed me doxycycl hyc 100 mg 10 day supply that was on the 16th. and he told me if it wasnt better in 3 days to make a new appointment well my throat seemed to be better on the 19th but i went swimming and when i was under water moved my head weird and my one sided sore throat swallow pain came back. so i made the an appointment for tuesday today (22)  

i told him i have still ben havin pain on the right side of my throat only when i swallow. he looked at my throat and told my that my right tonsil was swallon and to finish the doxycycl hyc and if it wasnt better by monday he would have me see an ear nose throat dr.

i had been smokin marijuana every once in awhile until  july 13th. then i stopped i was addicted to it :( not proud of myself

my throat pain has seemed to get a little better

but when i got to my computer and started lookin up one swallen tonsil, tonsil cancer came up a lot and i am freakin out about it.

i have also read that hpv can cuz tonsil cancer but the last chick i gave oral sex to was back in march (dnt know if this info is relivant but oh well)

also i am sorry for the poor spelling and grammar this is prolly riddled with

please help me FREAKING OUT!
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