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painful not behind ear

i woke up this morning with a big lump behind my right ear its very sensitive and painful its more of a pressure type pain.i think its a swollen lymph node but im not sure.i have extreme dandruff and i was curious if that could cause this problem and what options do i have or helping relieve this problem
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Awww!! this is so painful. I can understand. I am also suffering from the same problem.
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Where behind the ear?  If you mean in the ear lobe, then I can say that may be an internal pimple (that's what I'll call it).  I frequently have small ones about the size of a BB (think BB Gun), then every few years I'll get one much larger, say three of four times the size of a pea.  When this happens it can hurt.  They have always gone away, absorbed, I guess, or broken through - what a mess.

Sorry if this doesn't help I am trying to change the subject,.  Perhaps you can provide more details on the location of the pain.
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no its more on my head located directly behind my ear
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