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partial laryngectomy

My husband had a partial laryngectomy. An incision was made through the throat and the surgery
performed.  After the surgery, he had a trachea tube and feeding tube.  It has been 8 wks since the surgery
and he is able to eat food and drink liquids.  The problem is he has so much congestion and secretions
in his throat it makes it hard for him to breathe.
I know the throat is swollen because of the surgery, but he has trouble sleeping at night because of
not being able to breathe very well.  He uses a saline solution to help keep his sinuses open and acid
reflux inhibitors to avoid any build up in his throat.
We are at a loss as to what to do.
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Hi, I am a partial lary patient, and I have to say I am shocked- your husband can eat and drink after 8 weeks? It has been 6 mos for me, and I still can't do either, and I can't speak. I still have a lot of issues with phlegm- nothing stops it. I am up trying to cough it up all night but I have no cough function ( my left vocal chord doesn't work-yet) so it takes me forever and 20 thousand kleenexs !
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