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persistent lymphatic tissue in throat

Greetings everyone!
Does anyone know what could be the cause of persistent lymphatic tissue in the throat it's been almost 2 years already since I noticed them, located under tonsils and at the base of the tongue? One of these lumps, always the same one, sometimes becomes inflammed and enlarged and goes back to normal size after 2-3 day, also on some of those lumps there is a white spot in size of a pinpoint Other than that I have sometimes a burning sensation in my throat, constant mucous in my nose and some bumps over my pharynx. I have already seen my GP she said it's a normal thing... but how could it be since I have these symptoms lol. I did oral swab for bacterias and it came back as neg. Is this really a normal thing or what could be the cause of this?
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So, they aren't really causing you any issue, right?  You just want to know about them?  I think I'd take comfort in your doctor saying that it is normal and that you have little to no symptomology that would be concerning.  However, you are going to drive yourself mad constantly trying to look at your tonsils and back of your throat.  Don't do that anymore.  I have two kids and I find that when I did this to judge if they were sick or not, it often had no real baring.  It's really about how you feel that tells the story if something is wrong.  So, try to move past obsessing over your throat.  good luck
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https://www.sciencephoto.com/media/309671/view  PS, I have now read about this and your doctor is right.  It's pretty normal to have this as it lines the wall of everyone and even when swollen, this is of little concern.  good luck
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