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polyp on back of throat

I am having HUGE anxity issues!  I found a polyp in the back of my throat.  It is flesh colored and painless.  I went and saw my famly dr and he said that it was nothing to worry about but to go and see an ENT and have it looked at and maybe biopsied.  When I freaked out he told me that it was not cancer that cancer is white and that this polyp looks nothing like cancer.  First I would like to know if anyone else has had this type of polyp and what they were.  My dr says that they are just extra tissue.  If that is the case why do a biopsy?  How can I deal with this until the ENT appt.  I can't function through my day.  I really need some reeassuance and help.
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I am having the exact same anxiety. Just yesterday during an endoscopy my gastrointerologist found a polyp in my throat and though he thinks it does not look serious, he had his office make an appt. for me to be seen by an ENT next Tuesday, the 13th. I am a wreck and I could use some reassurance myself. Good luck to you. I hope it turns out ok for the both of us.
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I too had two polyps on my vocal cords..I had them removed and one grew back..Are you guys having trouble swallowing, like there is something in your throat?? That is how I know they are back..
I am going to the ENT hopefully this next week...

Please keep me posted girls..
I too had one polyp removed on my left vocal cord 2years ago... one grew back on my right vocal cord.. booked for surgery already..
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Do you guys smoke?? I wonder if there are any meds we can take to shrink them??
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Any updates?
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Don't worry , I just had a polyp removed on the side of my throat by my tonsils.My ENT said not to worry that it was not cancer. I think these are quite common. Maybe caused by bacteria?  I am not sure but I do know after it was removed I had a terrible ear ache and had to take pain pills.  Now it is 3 days later and it is much improved.
Good luck to you.  I am sure it is nothing to worry about
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