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problems with throat and mouth


I have been having problems with both my throat and mouth for 3 months now. My symptoms include an itch in the throat, a dry feeling in the throat, throat tightness, dry feeling lips, dry mouth, dry upper part of part, itchy pain at back of mouth, and tongue burning after eating hot food. Please note my mouth FEELS dry, but it actually isnt, its perfectly normal. I also have pins and needles in my hands and feet. I have seen an ENT who did a barium swallow which came out normal. I have been having anxiety recently so it could be linked to that, I also have had a vitamin d deficiency which my doctor now says is normal. Im not sure what I have, but it sure is irratating, can anyone help?
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have you been tested for sjorgren's syndrome or any autoimmune diseases?  Dry throat, mouth, eyes, etc., is one symptom of sjorgren's.  

Have you had any allergy testing done?  Do the symptoms get worse after certain food or drink?  Does anything help the symptoms such as drinking extra water, sucking on an ice cube or piece of hard candy?

I would suggest asking about having some further testing done by an allergist and perhaps a rheumatologist about the sjorgren's.  In the meantime, see if maybe your doctor or dentist can rcommend a mouth rinse that will help keep your mouth moister.
Same here roof of mouth but I do have bad teeth and a recent abbcess
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Hi thank you for your reply! Well for Sjorgren Syndrome your meant to have dry eyes which I don't have, and is sore throat a symptom? I didn't think it was. Also 90% of sufferers are female, so its unlikely that I have it. I have been tested for diabetes which came out negative, but I do get pins and needles could be suggestive of a autoimmune problem.

I haven't had any allergy testing done yet, my doctor has sent me to see and ENT for a Upper Endoscopy Test to see if they can find anything. My symptoms don't really alter after any types of foods, but change during the day from a dry mouth, to a sore mouth roof to an itchy throat which i have now. I was thinking maybe a post nasal drip? Im also on medication that my doctor prescribed me for acid reflux, but so far nothing has happened so I doubt its reflux. When waking up in the morning the front area of my mouth, including the lips and teeth, feel very dry. Drinking water does not help, but sucking on a sweet or hard candy does give temporary relief. I also seem to burp a lot more recently and am negaitve for all STI's.

I have also stopped using my normal toothpaste as it contains SLS which I have heard some people can be allergict to, so am now using a toothpaste without it. I am currently using a mouthwash but that give me hardly any relief. This problem has been with me for so long, I wish it could just go away!

Sorry wish I can help my mouth been ACTING up. Sinus think had a recent abbcess went through antibiotics felt great but back with pain if it helps advill n tyneol helps
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