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pulsatile tinnitus

So for as long as I have been having chest pains, ect.. I have been having problem with pressure in my head(ears and then migraines) which over the last few months has not turned in to hearing a pulse like sound & wooshing sound in my left ear. And at this time only still the pressure in my right(where it seems plugged or something, but it's not). I went in a few times to a walk in clinic to ask about ear infection over and over.. nothing.. then went to my GP and finally brought it up to her because it's getting worse.
It's getting annoying and I'm beyond frustrated with my gp who just keeps telling me to take ear drops.. week after week.. I told her how I feel.. at times I can not even keep my head up my neck feels so weak and my head so heavy. She knows I have no pain in my ear.. no ear infection....I'm just tired of going back to the dr so much to not get any answers.. I did see dr in same clnic the other day and again I told him how I felt, what I hear, and again he told me to take these ear drops. I did not even feel that RX that time!

I'm just so fustrated and tired of feeling like this all the time.. I want to cry..

Anyone know anything about pulsatile tinnitus? What causes it? Anything related to the other issues I've been having going on?
It is frustrating.. and annoying.. I have a hard time falling alseep some night because of it.
My blood pressure is fine, in fact perfect to low(beta blockers lower a bit then my normal low)
But I'm now questioning my pulmonary arterial pressure.. I know it was only 27 mmHg on my Echo.. but that is on the high side of normal, right?  I was reading online how an Echo can estimate wrong a lot.. and some factors include BMI and gender. And just with all of this other stuff going on and getting worse I really do want to get in to see ENT and a pulmonary hypertension specialist. I really am getting tired of feeling lilk this.. REALLY. I'm out of breath most days just walking from couch to kitchen. I'm so dizzy alll the time.. this pressure in my head is unbearable at times .. I have my 2 year old son to take care of and at times feel so horrible I can't even concentrate. And it's still mild, but it's getting worse. I need to see a dr that does more and more tests till they figure out what the hell is going on with me. I'm tired of seeing my GP only because of the whole ear drops thing...I know that made it worse.. and I feel she and the other dr at the clinic just did not want to listen to me.. I mean I said I hear what sounds like my pulse in my ear and they look at me like I'm crazy.
I'm going to go to a walk in clinic tomorrow and see if I can get the referrals.
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