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should I have my tonsils removed?

Back in May I got strep throat.  I ended up getting it a total of 4 times over a 10week period.  I don't know if I had become immune to all amoxicillon or not, but it finally went away mid-July.  Then 1.5weeks later I had a flare up of what I thought was strep(fever, red throat, puss & canker sores).  My doctor sent me to an ENT who left it up to me if I want to have my tonsils removed or just monitor it through the winter months.  My tonsils are still swollen, but no sore throat.  When I have had strep in the past I usually get it 2x in a row.  I change my toothbrush everytime, sometimes more than the doctor says.  I am 30 and I really don't like the thought of having surgery again, but I feel really tired all of the time right now.  The ENT said it could be from fighting strep as long as I did & with the flare-up I had less than a month ago.
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I would have the tonsils removed vs battling all the frequent infections which can do a number on your immune system.  
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It is wise to get rid of your tonsils than consuming antibiotics for a long time. Also drink plenty of warm water. Avoid chilled and oily foods.

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