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sinuses after allergies

I quit smoking in February and had a litany of health problems just couple of weeks after. I hung with it for a couple of months though, despite all the issues with my sinuses being ridiculously painful and ears throbbing. Finally, in April I started smoking again and quit in two months after when I started to have an awful upper respiratory infection. Again, I started feeling terrible with multiple sinus infections. Forward to now, I have had serious sinus pain and blinding headaches. I have had this horrible pain radiating through my ears as well. Plus, I haven't been able to sleep do to the lack of being able to breathe. Every morning I cough up horrible mucus that is much nastier than anytime I smoked. I feel as if I have the worlds longest running head cold.
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Physician appointment yet?
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Smoking paralyzes the cilia, which are the tiny hairs in the sinuses and lungs which remove pollution and detritus. When you stop smoking, they work again, so it's possible you are coughing up what's been stuck in the lungs for a while, and it could be one of the causes of your respiratory distress.

Sounds like you also have a sinus infection, but as Londres70 notes, only a doctor can make a diagnosis.
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