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small white spot and small red spot behind tonsil

I am trying to determine if I have strep throat. I have a small white spot behind my tonsil on the right side. I know it is not food or that white stuff that comes out of your tonsils. It is fixed to the skin and beside it yesterday I developed a dark red spot that looks like a small blood blister that is a little smaller than the white spot. I have had a swollen spot under my jaw on that side (under my molars) that was making my tooth feel funny, but it seems better now but still a little swollen. I have had a headache and upset stomach every evening for the past few days, and my throat feels funny. Its a little sore mostly on the right where the spots are. The tonsil seems a little swollen on that side too. I am also tired and just generally feel yucky. No fever that I know of. My throat is not very sore, just a little uncomfortable. I guess it is worth mentioning that my daughter had a sore throat, very bad headache that lasted over 12 hours, upset stomach and low grade fever. I thought she was catching my grandfather's cold, she is better now so far as I know and was only sick just a few days. I have not checked her throat because I just realized that it could be strep and she is at school. Any info. would be appreciated
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