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sore, bump on jaw just below ear area?

I woke up with a tender spot on the right side of my neck, just under my ear, under the jaw bone.  I can feel a little something in there, not sure where to start for medical help.  I had my wisdom teeth extracted again 2 years ago. (2nd time for me, I was one of those lucky ones who got extras)  There were major complications with my surgery, no anti-biotics were given and i ended up with a really bad infection.  I landed in Loma Linda acute care for 5 days and had to under go surgery again to clean out the stuff.  I have had headaches every so often, but nothing unmanageable.  But now this lump on my neck appeared and it is really sensitve to the touch, you cant see it, but I can feel it.  Where or what type of doctor do you recommend me start with?  AFter the last doctor i dealt with, or dentist Im a bit scared.
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Try an LVI dentist (Las Vegas Institute...there are trained dentists all over the country).  Sounds like what I had.  There is a bone in the same exact spot you are talking about.  I was treated for TMD/TMJ by a dentist who was specially trained in facial/throat/head pain.  If you don't have one near you, you may want to try a physical therapist that deals ONLY in TMJ.  Good luck!
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