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sore throat

I have sore throat from last 3 weeks.
few days back my sore throat has almost gone and came back next day.
First 2 weeks I had mild  sore throat with mild cold & mild dry cough.
few days back I got couple of ulcers in mouth (near throat)& very tiny few red spots on tongue.
from last week some times  i'm getting light  pain in ears.
I had sore throats before, but never last more than a 10 days & i never had ulcers or any other mouth problems in last 20 years except sore throats.
my tonsils got removed when I was child.
what could be the reason? please help me.

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Hi, throat infections can be caused by different pathogens. The commonest pathogen (agent) causing throat infections is a group A Streptococcus bacteria. Besides this Group B Streptococcus, mycoplasma, neisseria and cornybacterium are known to cause throat infections. Other known pathogens causing infections of the throat are viral and yeast (candida).

The reason for elaborating about these pathogens is that the tests done and the therapy initiated vary for the listed pathogens. To begin with a throat swab is taken to see for streptococcus. If needed a throat culture will show the growth and the antibiotics to which the pathogens are most susceptible to. During culture it would be worthwhile to test for yeast infections also besides bacterial infections. Viral infections are by exclusion and do not need any antibiotic therapy unless there are superadded infections. Viral infections are known to cause canker sores. The antibiotic of choice for a streptococcal infection is penicillin but azithromycin is also effective.

To cut the long story short you could be having a bacteria/viral infection. I would advise you to take throat culture and take these medications and finish the course. In addition you could take OTC multivitamins. Take plenty of warm oral fluids and lots of rest. For further relief from your symptoms you could do warm salt water gargles and steam inhalations. Please ensure to do this prior to your meals. Hope this helped and Do Take Care!
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